The Ferguson Public Library is my Hero

I know you know what’s been happening in Ferguson, Missouri for the past ten days. I’m not going to list it all here, but if you need a refresher, here’s a timeline.

In the midst of the scariest thing I can think of happening to a community, the Ferguson Public Library has made the immensely admirable move to step up and offer support to the community.

@ScottyBonner, who has tweeted that he is the Ferguson Public Library’s director (Wikipedia tells me it’s Joan G. Henderson, but whatevs) tweeted this sign today:

The library was closed for some time, but after assessing the safety of the neighbourhood in the day time – according to news sources, shit only begins to hit the fan when the sun goes down – the library opened its doors as soon as it was safe to do so:

In addition to reminding folks that they are welcome to come in for some relief…

…the library is also offering school programming during the day:

Through the mess, it’s clear that the library is trying to be place of respite:

Needless to say, this library’s stepped up to the plate in an awesome way.



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